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Jackie The Baboon

This show has undergone two substantial periods of research and development ​over the last 3 years and we are just about to be at the point to announce more details.

Jackie the Baboon tells the astonishing true story of a baboon who is taken to war as a mascot by the 3rd South African Infantry. Jackie is given a uniform, serves in the trenches of the Great War and gets critically injured: all the while trying to adapt and survive in the ever more threatening environments he finds himself in.


Taking the baboon's perspective as the starting point of the narrative, this utterly unique show allows us to consider the "other": the voiceless, the outsider and the clueless as we follow this fascinating creature through its life. 


Taking Jackie's perspective as the viewpoint on the war, this visually rich show features innovative puppetry, immersive sound design and and an original score to tell the life story of this incredible baboon.

Contributing Artists

Gareth Aled, James Backway, Alistair Brammer, Kate Colebrook, Matthew Churcher, Jessica Dannheisser, Terry Davies, Darren Hart, Emma Laxton, Mei Mac, Jen McGinley, Steinunn McQueen, Dinah Mullen, Molly Roberts, Emma Thornett, John Trindle, Sam Wilmott, Stanton Wright

Developed with support from Arts Council England, University of Surrey, Omnibus Theatre and Orange Tree Theatre.

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