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Doubtful. Hapless. Guests. 

February 2020

Doubtful. Hapless. Guests. was a show created with 3rd Year acting students at St Mary's University Drama School.


Inspired by the work of American artist and illustrator Edward Gorey, it was a puppet box set: three short pieces about strange invaders, unlucky children and giant insects. Appallingly funny, humorously disturbing, and occasionally flat out baffling with a variety of approaches to puppetry, this was a provocative, grown-up show with puppets. 

Performing Company

Evelyn Blythe, Alex Bolger, Paige Canavan-Smith, Tommy Daly, Brandon De Sousa Gonçalves, Edward Dovey, Charles Grayson, Pradip Gurung, Chelsea Poore, Oliver Thorne, Tom Wheeldon

Creative Team

Director and Puppet Designer: Andy Brunskill

Set Design and Puppet Co-Design: Tina Bicât

Original Music: Ben Murray

Light: Matthew Cook

Sound: Chloe Nevill, Kayla Gibson

Costume: Charlie Myers, Katie Norman

Props: Toby Fitzgerald, Jasmine Fuller, Charlie Myers, Kat Wellman, Jenny Witts

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