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Reindeer Parade at Meadowhall Shopping Centre

In Christmas 2017 I created a Reindeer Parade for Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield. 

The parade featured three giant reindeers puppets who paraded through the shopping centre interacting with, and delighting, shoppers, guests and workers alike for a unique festive experience.


Created by Brunskill and Grimes


Andy Brunskill

Puppet Director/Designer 

Jimmy Grimes

Assistant Puppet Makers

Alex Genn-Bash

Hugh Purves

Additional Puppet Makers

Rebecca Chan

Francesca Mama-Rudd

Lydia Smith

Santa Costume Design

Hugh Purves

Puppet Captain

Kim Scopes


Michelle Allan 

David Burchhardt

James Colley

Chloe Crump

Amy Cullingworth

Duncan Nightingale

Amber-Rose Perry

Johnny Quick

Kim Scopes

John Slater

Elena Stephenson

Jennifer Dawn William

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